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Sad news at the end of August '01...
Man with world's longest hair dies
A Thai man who reportedly had the world's longest hair had died, a newspaper reported Wednesday.
Hu Sengla, whose hair was 19 feet, 1 inch long, died Tuesday of complications from a stroke, said Thai Rath, Thailand's largest newspaper.
The report said Hu, a member of the Hmong hill tribe minority, was 77 years old, but other accounts indicated he was at least 87.
Hu was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as having the longest hair. When a Guinness judge came to measure his mane in 1997, Hu said he had cut it when he was 18 and fell ill, so he decided never to cut it again.


Did you know...
If I lived in Afganistan the religious police would arrest me and throw me in jail because I have long hair. Then they would force me to have a barber cut my hair and then make me pay the barber for the haircut. It is considered sinful by them to have long hair...and no beard.
If a woman goes out in public and shows any part of her hair she would be beaten by the religious police.
(Well, not so much any more...change is afoot!)
Although some women now are having acid thrown in their faces by Taliban-supporting religious fanatics because they are not wearing their burkas! Fundamentalist Moslems believe that it is sinful for women to show their hair in public (among other things) and deserve things like beatings for doing so. How retarded is that?


You may have heard...
Almost all of the real hair sold on the world market comes from India.
(and they get it for cheap)


The average growth rate of hair is .5 inches a month or 6 inches per year.


When people offer money to cut your hair...

A news story about me:

N. Korea wages war on long hair

Does long hair cost more?

We made the list:


A picture of Hair Religion back in 1992.


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