The Men's Long Hair Hyperboard (RAQ link)
A place for some longhairs and many hopefulls.

E Medicine
Similiar with more on hair

The Long Hair Community Discussion Board
Page on various hair products

The Men's Long Hair Site
Just about men's hair with pics, etc.

Resources for Longhairs
Great resource!
If you want to see tons of really long hair!

The Basics of Braiding
Some really good stuff to know.

The International Long Hair Club
Tons of content and of long hair links!

The Wunderland Long Hair Index
Long hair and cool handout cards.

Virtual Hair
They will show what you look
like in different hair styles.

Hair Glove
A product to hold your long hair back with.


Links you gotta' love!

The Religious Movements Page
Know how many religions there are? Here's a bunch.

Adherents-World Religions
How about the complete list of different religions people have invented?

The Church of Hank
Kiss Hank's ass and he will give you $1,000,000!

James Randi Educational Foundation
Million dollar challenge!

Skeptics Society / Magazine
Learn about that mystical stuff you don't understand

Talk Origins
Don't understand evolution? Then learn about it here.

Get the real story about the Nostradamus prediction
A little education goes a long way

Onions Suck!
A place for people who don't like onions in their food.

Kill A Terrorist!
T-shirts to vent your anger with.


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