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On March 12, 2002 I became an ordained minister through the U.L.C. so that my previously established site would be a lasting becon to those swimming in a current ocean of short hair.
I, Reverend Erik, take a place at the head of a new face of an old religion, HAIR RELIGION.
This is also your religion if you are purposefully growing your hair long (simple, huh?).

To clarify a few things, this is not a religion about some non-existent god that requires "faith" (belief without logic, reason or proof--see your dictionary) in order to to be a part of it. Rather, this has to do with a very real part of every one of how we choose to handle it because it's a daily concern and everyone who sees you sees your hair (it becomes your identity and others see it as such).
I 'm not interested in a "believer's" money, I don't want to make others conform to my ideals of hair and I don't seek out praise for my look. I just want to help define what myself and others have chosen for ourselves and support them during the friction that they often experience with society and it's intolerance for individuals resulting from ignorance and power...and to help them achieve and enjoy the results of their body's own natural processes.
This is how I can claim the name Hair Religion, not because it is of my own creation or anyone else's but because I am merely the modern custodian of it's ideas.
Throughout human history hair has existed in many forms many of which were/are long. Not until recently (the past 100-150 years) has variations of short hair become the popular choice of the society at large (20th century warfare and army life has played a big part in that). During the American Civil War long hair and facial hair were not only common but often the style and could be seen on the commanders as well. With WWI trench warfare made hair more of a liability and Gillette made a deal with the army to include it's new razor in each soldier's equipment list. When this large number of young males was re-introduced back into the population after the war they also brought the rituals that were ingrained in them through military training and this in turn affected changes in civilian society.
The tragic part of society loosing it's connection with long hair is that the multitudes of people wearing their hair short have no idea why...they're just brought up to think that they should and to consider others who grow their hair long as outsiders. Their lack of historical knowledge is often unsettling as you see them try and force their own standards on others, calling men with long hair feminine when the past shows otherwise. Men generally grow more body hair than women do so, using their simple standards, it would actually be more feminine to be discarding your naturally growing hair. But such simple standards are never very reliable and examples such as Lance Armstrong, who is quite possibly the greatest athelete in the world, shaves his legs due to considerations of his sport. What you begin to realize is that people apply the customs of their own little speck of the world to everyone else as needed "laws" when it really has no relevance to anyone else...or even themselves.
Some religions hate long hair and other religions require you to wear it long, this isn't about any of those. This is a religion in the sense that hair, which is a part of our bodies, is also a part of our daily lives and we grow it because we wish to, not needing the approval and praise of others to do it or to keep us from doing it. We are also aware that someone's disapproval doesn't mean much and to conform to their contrary personal opinions would only show low self-esteem.

Sure, it's just why not grow it long if you want to?

-If your protein strands only touch your are not taking it seriously...yet. (time is the test)
-If your protein strands hang halfway down your back then it's a good start...but still
..have room to grow (if you choose)
-If your protein stands reach your waist then you are doing very well and are a good
.believer, stand strong in your belief.
-If your protein strands dangle below your ass, it says
.that you are undeniably a true & pious believer of the protein strands and will be a.source of inspiration for beginning believers!
-If your protein strands can touch the ground then people may worship you when they
..see you! You are a hair god/goddess.
Chant this: "It's worth any problems that it may cause."
(Dwell upon this daily and strive to grow it longer)

If you feel that this is excluding you then just keep on growing and you'll soon find that it doesn't.
I've had a few comments about the Tenents but my purpose is to establish a guide for extreme hair growth (long hair) which encompasses all the things needed for growing long hair; i.e. time, patience, goals, committment and even age.
It's a learning experience to grow hair long and like learning many things it also can help you to grow as an individual. The tenents are a goal to shoot for (if you choose) and merely illustrate what is happening when you grow your hair long...which is letting your body's natural processes do what they do.
If a religion is a way of life then what sort of a hair religion can you expect to have for yourself if you grow it out a few inches and then cut it again over and over?


It's not my intention to present the structure of this religion as a copy of other established religions so please don't request things like bibles, verses, ceremonies or other things that refer to the trappings of religion and not the growing of hair; the "roots" of this religion are as real as it gets. Some people see daily attention to haircare as religious and others don't but what is religion anyway other than a way that you have choosen to live your life by.
I am NOT the foremost expert on hair but I have successfully grown very long hair and on my site are some amazing links that will answer all your questions about


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